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David Ortiz: From Slugger to Advocate - Exploring the Passion for Weed

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Discover the journey of David Ortiz, a passionate advocate for weed, and his partnership with JAR Cannabis to bring his 'Sweet Sluggers' products to dispensaries.

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  1. David Ortiz is passionate about weed. He wants people to know why, after seeing his father manage prostate cancer pain with it.

  2. Slugger Jon Singleton is back in the majors for the first time since 2015 after his career was derailed by several failed tests for drug use, including marijuana.

  3. David Ortiz is partnering with JAR Cannabis to bring his 'Sweet Sluggers' products to dispensaries across the state.

  • Slugger Jon Singleton's triumphant return to the majors serves as a testament to perseverance and growth.

  • (BDN) -- You can soon buy marijuana products from Red Sox Hall of Famer David Ortiz's own personal brand. That's the result of a partnership that aims to provide high-quality cannabis options to consumers.

  • Outside Lands is a San Francisco festival bringing music and merriment to Golden Gate Park. From great bud to tasty treats, see GreenState's coverage of the event.

  • David Ortiz is collaborating with JAR Cannabis to ensure that his 'Sweet Sluggers' line meets the highest standards of quality and potency.

  • David Ortiz's recent Hall of Fame induction has not diminished his determination to advocate for the benefits of cannabis use.

  • BOSTON — Former Boston Red Sox star and MLB Hall of Famer David Ortiz is venturing into the cannabis industry, launching an exclusive line of carefully curated cannabis products.

  • David Ortiz's journey from a professional baseball career to advocating for weed sheds light on the evolving perceptions around cannabis in sports.

  • Jon Singleton's redemption story serves as an inspiration for athletes who have faced setbacks due to substance abuse issues.

  • With the partnership between David Ortiz and JAR Cannabis, consumers can expect a range of 'Sweet Sluggers' products that cater to different preferences and needs.

  • The acceptance and legalization of cannabis have opened up opportunities for athletes like David Ortiz to openly share their experiences and advocate for its use.

  • David Ortiz's commitment to ensuring the highest quality standards for his cannabis products aligns with his dedication to excellence both on and off the field.

  • This article falls under the category 'Industry' as it explores the partnership between David Ortiz and JAR Cannabis, shedding light on the growing presence of cannabis in the sports industry and its potential benefits.

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