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The Complicated Relationship Between Weed and the NFL

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Exploring the NFL's stance on marijuana and its impact.

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The National Football League (NFL) has long grappled with the issue of marijuana use among its players. Over the years, several players have openly admitted to using weed, shedding light on the complex relationship between the sport and cannabis. Le'Veon Bell, a prominent NFL player, recently made headlines when he revealed his marijuana use. This revelation once again brings the NFL's policies on cannabis into focus.

Three years ago, the NFL made significant changes to its penalties for marijuana use. However, the league did not eliminate marijuana testing altogether. While the NFL hosts franchises in states where marijuana is legal for both medicinal and recreational use, the league has maintained strict rules regarding drug use. This has earned the NFL the nickname "No Fun League" among some players and fans.

The recently ratified ten-year labor agreement between the NFL and the players' union, which came into effect in March, includes numerous incremental changes. However, it does not address the league's marijuana policies directly. This leaves the issue unresolved and open to interpretation.

According to Travis Kelce, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, a significant percentage of NFL players use marijuana. Kelce estimated that anywhere from 50 to 80 percent of players engage in cannabis consumption. These numbers highlight the prevalence of marijuana use within the league, despite the potential consequences.

Former NFL players, such as Jim McMahon, Kyle Turley, and Eben Britton, have also become advocates for marijuana use. They even used a tour at a dispensary in Tempe to promote their own brand, Revenant. This growing support among former players showcases a shifting perspective on cannabis within the NFL community.

Under the NFL's weed policy, players have a complicated and often slippery relationship with marijuana. As more states legal the drug, the public and players alike question the league's strict stance. The NFL's decision to temporarily suspend THC testing from April 20 to August 9, as part of the new collective bargaining agreement passed last year, indicates a more relaxed approach to drug testing. This change reflects the evolving attitudes towards marijuana in society as a whole.

In conclusion, the NFL's relationship with weed remains intricate and ever-evolving. While the league has made some changes to its marijuana policies, the issue continues to provoke debate and discussion. As more states legal cannabis, it is likely that the NFL will face increased pressure to reassess its stance on marijuana use by players.

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