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The Rise of Cannabis-Infused Spirits in the Beverage Industry

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Explore the latest trends in cannabis-infused beverages and the impact.

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PRNewswire/ -- Today, Nowadays launches as the first nationally available cannabis-infused spirit. Available in Low Dose and Micro Dose, Nowadays offers consumers a unique alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages. With the growing trend of cannabis legalization across the country, Nowadays is at the forefront of innovation in the beverage industry.

Nowadays is a spirit that uses THC instead of alcohol, eliminating the coughing and smell that comes with smoking. This shift towards cannabis-infused beverages reflects changing consumer preferences and a desire for more diverse drink options. As more states legalize cannabis for recreational use, the market for THC-infused beverages is expected to continue expanding.

People choose to stop drinking for a number of reasons, including health concerns, personal preferences, and lifestyle choices. The rise of alcohol-free drink options, like Nowadays, provides consumers with more choices when it comes to socializing and enjoying a night out. With the stigma surrounding cannabis slowly fading, THC-infused beverages are becoming a popular choice for those looking to unwind without the negative side effects of alcohol.

After federal restrictions around hemp loosened in 2018, Texas brands quickly entered the market to provide beverages that deliver a light buzz. Nowadays, with its unique cannabis-infused spirit, is leading the way in this new wave of innovative drink options. By partnering with major distributors, Nowadays has been able to expand its reach and become the first cannabis spirit available across America.

Up this week: How 30 Under 30s are innovating in the beverage industry, and spend a minute with Spotify's senior creator partnership's. Nowadays is at the forefront of this innovation, offering consumers a new way to enjoy their favorite drinks. With a focus on quality and taste, Nowadays is setting the standard for cannabis-infused spirits in the industry.

Nowadays announced the launch of its first nationally available cannabis-infused spirit, marking a significant milestone for the brand. By partnering with Atlantic Beverage Distributors in Massachusetts, Nowadays has been able to reach a wider audience and expand its presence in the market. As more consumers seek out alternative drink options, Nowadays is well-positioned to meet this growing demand.

For a break from the booze, try drinking cannabis instead with these THC-infused beverages. Nowadays offers a range of options for consumers looking to explore the world of cannabis-infused spirits. Whether you prefer a low dose or micro dose, Nowadays has something for everyone. With a focus on quality and innovation, Nowadays is reshaping the beverage industry one drink at a time.

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