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Dagmar Cannabis: A Woman-Owned Dispensary Making Waves in Soho

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Learn about Dagmar Cannabis, a pioneering woman-owned dispensary in Soho.

description: a sleek, modern storefront with a neon sign that reads "dagmar cannabis" in bold letters. the interior features shelves lined with various cannabis products and a welcoming atmosphere for customers.

Dagmar is a new woman-founded, adult-use cannabis dispensary in Soho. Founded by Jennifer Tzar, the Chief Executive Officer, Dagmar Cannabis is quickly making a name for itself in the cannabis industry. As one of the few woman-owned dispensaries in New York, Dagmar is pushing boundaries and challenging stereotypes.

I wouldn't ordinarily cover a business this far into Soho, but it may be a good object lesson for the future of cannabis dispensaries in New York. Dagmar Cannabis is not just a place to buy cannabis products, but a community hub for education, empowerment, and advocacy.

Tzar is the founder, CEO, and creative director of CAURD licensee Dagmar Cannabis. She answered eight simple questions for our 'People to Watch' series, shedding light on her journey, inspirations, and goals for the future.

In 2023, Jennifer Tzar discovered yet another avenue – the NY State justice-involved CAURD program. This opportunity allowed her to become one of the few female entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry to take advantage of this program, highlighting her commitment to diversity and social equity.

Jennifer Tzar, the Chief Executive Officer of Dagmar Cannabis, had been arrested for cannabis down the street from her new store in SoHo. This experience fueled her passion for changing the stigma around cannabis and creating a safe space for consumers to access high-quality products.

Cannabis is legal in New York, and Dagmar Cannabis is at the forefront of this growing industry. Stay updated with the latest business news on cannabis production, retailing, municipal opt-outs, and business strategies by following Dagmar's journey.

New York's long grind toward an equitable adult-use cannabis marketplace is picking up steam as the Empire State approaches its one-year anniversary of legal. Dagmar Cannabis is leading the charge in promoting diversity and inclusion in the industry.

New York (PIX11) — On Monday, New York State's Cannabis Review Board approved a settlement in a lawsuit that has halted new, legal cannabis businesses from opening. Dagmar Cannabis continues to advocate for fair regulations and opportunities for all entrepreneurs.

The new venture aims to fill a hole in the market by appealing to women. Dagmar Cannabis offers a range of products tailored to women's needs, from wellness products to lifestyle accessories. Join us in celebrating women in cannabis at Dagmar's Soho location.


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