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LeafLink: Driving Growth and Innovation in the Cannabis Industry

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LeafLink's impact on the cannabis industry through data and partnerships.

description: an anonymous image of a bustling cannabis trade show, with booths showcasing various products and technology. attendees are engaging in discussions and networking, with a prominent leaflink booth in the center, surrounded by industry professionals. the atmosphere is vibrant and dynamic, reflecting the energy and excitement of the cannabis industry.

Wholesale marijuana prices are still declining in some state-regulated markets, although they have performed better than expected overall. Despite this trend, the cannabis industry continues to thrive with the help of platforms like LeafLink. As a leader in the wholesale marketplace for cannabis products, LeafLink is driving growth and innovation within the industry.

'There's all these parts of the industry that just haven't really developed because they're very expensive from a taxation perspective.' The challenges faced by the cannabis industry are significant, but companies like LeafLink are working to overcome these obstacles. Through strategic partnerships and data-driven insights, LeafLink is helping businesses navigate the complex landscape of the cannabis market.

Through the partnership, for brands seeking to sell to retailers and are already participating on the NYCRA Discord channel, LeafLink will offer a seamless and efficient platform for connecting buyers and sellers. This collaboration demonstrates LeafLink's commitment to fostering growth and success within the cannabis industry.

Average cartridge price per gram fell by -11.8% in 2023, from $20.42 to $18.02, the largest national average change of all the categories. Despite these fluctuations in pricing, LeafLink remains a reliable resource for businesses looking to navigate the evolving market dynamics. By providing data and insights, LeafLink empowers companies to make informed decisions and stay ahead of industry trends.

At the New England Cannabis Convention in Boston on March 22, cannabis tech firm LeafLink took home the Green Market Report Finance Award. This recognition underscores LeafLink's position as a leader in the industry, driving innovation and excellence in the cannabis market.

Explore LeafLink's data on how 4/20 boosts cannabis sales, setting new records and driving industry growth. Insights and expert analysis from LeafLink provide valuable information for businesses looking to capitalize on key opportunities within the cannabis market.

Wholesale cannabis platform LeafLink last week announced the close of a $40 million Series C investment round led by Founders Fund – it is a testament to the company's growth and potential in the industry. This investment will allow LeafLink to expand its offerings and further enhance its capabilities as a leading wholesale marketplace for cannabis products.

Armed with some data from our friends at CrunchBase, I broke down the largest NYC Startup funding rounds in New York for 2023. LeafLink's recent investment round is a clear indication of the industry's growth and potential for innovation. By securing significant funding, LeafLink is well-positioned to drive further advancements within the cannabis market.

LeafLink, the cannabis industry's leading wholesale marketplace, unveiled the winners of the LeafLink List 2023 which recognizes outstanding brands and products in the industry. This initiative highlights the innovation and excellence within the cannabis market, showcasing the industry's ongoing evolution and growth.

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