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Sunshine Cannabis: Illuminating the Future of Medical Marijuana in Florida

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Step into the radiant world of Sunshine Cannabis for a burst of freshness.

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Trulieve, Curaleaf, and Verano are among the leading operators in the Sunshine State's medical cannabis program, but Sunshine Cannabis is quickly making a name for itself in the industry. With a focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability, Sunshine Cannabis is setting itself apart as a top contender in the rapidly growing market.

Sunshine, one of the most popular rosin extractors in Colorado, is now expanding its operations to include growing and selling flower. With pre-packed eighths available in Denver, Sunshine Cannabis is bringing a new level of freshness and purity to consumers in the area.

Liquid Sunshine, a signature strain from Sunshine Cannabis, is a unique blend of Cutiez (Mimosa x ZFace) crossed with Cactus Breath (Northern Lights x Afghan x Mendo Breath). This potent and flavorful strain embodies the essence of Sunshine Cannabis's commitment to excellence and innovation.

Sunboldt Grown owner Sunshine Cereceda is a strong advocate for small cannabis farmers, advising them to ditch the middleman if they want to succeed in the legal market. By focusing on direct sales and building strong relationships with consumers, Sunshine Cannabis is helping to support and uplift small-scale growers in the industry.

Recreational marijuana could be on the 2024 ballot in Florida, pending approval from the state Supreme Court. If the constitutional amendment passes, it will open up new opportunities for companies like Sunshine Cannabis to expand their reach and offerings in the state.

In Florida's current medical cannabis program, 22 MMTCs (Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers) operate 566 dispensaries as of May 19. Sunshine Cannabis is a key player in this market sector, with 113 dispensary openings and a growing presence across the state.

Led by renowned breeder and expert grower Chris 'Sunshine' Williams, Sunshine Cannabis is a brand synonymous with the sunny, vibrant spirit of the state. With a focus on sustainability, quality, and community, Sunshine Cannabis is leading the way in the medical cannabis industry.

Sunshine Cannabis, a South Florida-based licensed medical cannabis brand, recently partnered with Trulieve to release Gainesville Green as a new addition to their product lineup. This collaboration highlights Sunshine Cannabis's commitment to innovation and collaboration within the industry.

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