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Lume Cannabis: Leading the Way in Michigan's Growing Industry

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Lume Cannabis Co. making waves in Michigan's cannabis market.

description: an anonymous image of a modern cannabis facility with workers tending to plants under bright grow lights, showcasing the high-tech and professional environment of the industry.

The Skymint marijuana facility at Harvest Park near Dimondale on Tuesday, April 26, 2022. WINDSOR TWP. — A Michigan cannabis company, Lume Cannabis Co., has been rapidly expanding its presence in the state's booming marijuana industry. With the acquisition of the Skymint facility, Lume is solidifying its position as a key player in the market.

The progression of the cannabis industry during the past six years reminds Lume Cannabis Co. CEO and founder Dave Morrow of the classic “The. There's a lengthy tradition in the industry of such philanthropy, in part due to the roots of the medical marijuana movement in the 1990s. Lume Cannabis Co. has announced it will take over the facility and offer employment to current SKYMINT workers.

UPPER PENINSULA, Mich... Lume Cannabis Co. has been making headlines in Michigan's Upper Peninsula with its innovative products and community-focused initiatives. The company's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has set it apart from competitors in the region.

Marijuana has been legal for recreational use in Detroit for the past few years. The industry has now exploded with $3 billion in both state and federal tax revenue. Lume Cannabis Co. has played a significant role in this growth, with its wide range of products and commitment to sustainability.

Lume Cannabis Co. has launched its first cannabis-infused beverage, called BUZZN, in three flavors at its 38 locations across Michigan. The innovative product has received rave reviews from customers, further solidifying Lume's reputation as a leader in the industry.

The Village of Holly's recreation program is getting a boost from one of Michigan's marijuana retailers. Lume Cannabis Company recently... The company's dedication to supporting local communities and giving back is evident in its partnership with the Village of Holly, where it has been actively involved in various community initiatives.

MENOMINEE — Menominee will receive $295,000 in state tax money by virtue of having five cannabis dispensaries open in 2023. Lume Cannabis Co. is proud to be a part of this economic boost for the region, as it continues to expand its presence across Michigan.

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