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Cloud Cannabis Expands into Ann Arbor with Stash Ventures Acquisition

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Stash Ventures acquires 11 stores from Cloud Cannabis in Michigan.

description: a modern and sleek cannabis dispensary storefront with a large sign that reads "cloud cannabis" in bold letters. the store is located in a bustling city street, with people walking in and out, showcasing the popularity and success of the brand.

Stash Ventures, a vertically integrated marijuana company in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, acquired 11 stores from Cloud Cannabis Co. This acquisition marks a significant move in the cannabis industry in Michigan, as Stash Ventures expands its reach across the state. The deal includes dispensaries in key locations such as Ann Arbor, Muskegon, Traverse City, and Gaylord.

This story was republished with permission from Crain's Detroit and written by Dustin Walsh. Mount Pleasant-based cannabis company Stash Ventures has been making waves in the industry with strategic acquisitions and partnerships. The acquisition of Cloud Cannabis Co.'s dispensaries solidifies Stash Ventures' position as a major player in the Michigan cannabis market.

Stash Ventures has acquired the dispensaries of Troy-based Cloud Cannabis Co. in what is the first notable acquisition in the sector of 2024. The move comes as the cannabis industry in Michigan continues to grow and evolve, with new opportunities for companies to expand their operations and reach a wider audience of consumers.

There's never a shortage of newsworthy headlines from Michigan's cannabis industry as the state inches closer to becoming the nation's weed capital. With the opening of new dispensaries and the acquisition of existing ones, companies like Stash Ventures and Cloud Cannabis Co. are at the forefront of this exciting and rapidly changing industry.

Cloud Cannabis is set to open a new dispensary in Ann Arbor on Monday, further expanding its presence in the state. The retail chain now has plans for up to a half dozen new dispensaries opening by the end of the year, showcasing the company's commitment to growth and innovation in the cannabis market.

PRNewswire announced Cloud Cannabis as the leading single-state operator and vertically integrated cannabis business in Michigan. This recognition highlights the company's dedication to providing high-quality products and services to its customers, as well as its strategic vision for future expansion and success in the industry.

John McLeod, co-founder of Cloud Cannabis Co., has been instrumental in the company's success and growth. With dispensaries in Ann Arbor, Muskegon, and Traverse City, Cloud Cannabis Co. has established itself as a key player in the Michigan cannabis market, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and product excellence.

Cloud Cannabis Co. is scheduled to open the first marijuana retail outlet in Gaylord on Tuesday at 710 Edelweiss Village Parkway. This new location will provide residents of Gaylord and surrounding areas with access to high-quality cannabis products and services, further solidifying Cloud Cannabis Co.'s position as a leader in the state's rapidly expanding cannabis industry.

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