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Cape Cod Cannabis Industry Faces Legal Battles Over Recreational Shops

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Legal battles erupt as Cape Cod communities debate recreational marijuana shops.

description: an anonymous image of a crowded town hall meeting, with individuals passionately debating the issue of recreational marijuana shops in cape cod.

The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission heard from store owners and product users about what they often described as a “dire need” for recreational marijuana shops in Cape Cod. The commission's decision to grant licenses to certain shops has led to a flurry of legal battles and debates in various towns across the region.

SOUTH YARMOUTH — A Dennis town meeting vote Tuesday night to allow recreational marijuana shops in town failed by a vote of 130-98, highlighting the divided opinions within the community. This vote reflects the ongoing debate over the legal and regulation of cannabis in Cape Cod.

Clone Fest will be a celebration of community, gardening, and cannabis cultivation. With Seaside Cannabis offering an array of premium clones, the event aims to educate and engage the public on the benefits of cannabis cultivation.

The Green Lady, one of Nantucket's two marijuana dispensaries, has joined Vineyard Haven's Island Time dispensary in a lawsuit challenging the decisions of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. This legal battle underscores the complexities of establishing and operating cannabis businesses in the region.

Tradesman Exchange, a Mashpee-based marijuana delivery company, cleared another hurdle to opening when the Mashpee Board of Health approved their application. This development highlights the growing interest and demand for cannabis product and services in Cape Cod.

The marijuana shop measure, in Article 28, calls for tossing out a bylaw adopted in Dennis in 2017 that prohibits recreational marijuana. This move reflects the shifting attitudes and policies towards cannabis in the region.

After more than six years of effort, Seaside Cannabis Company is set to open its doors to the public on Saturday, December 13, 2023. This milestone signals the growth and expansion of the cannabis industry in Cape Cod.

HYANNIS – A couple of marijuana dispensaries on Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket are suing the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission, further complicating the regulatory landscape for cannabis businesses in the region.

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