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Surterra Wellness: A Leading Cannabis Dispensary in Florida

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Learn about Surterra Wellness, a top cannabis dispensary in Florida.

description: an anonymous image of a modern and sleek cannabis dispensary with a large sign that reads "surterra wellness." customers are seen entering the store, and the interior is bright and welcoming, with various cannabis products on display.

Surterra Wellness, a retail brand of Parallel, is a vertically integrated cannabis company that operates 44 Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers in Florida. With 45 locations, it's one of the state's largest cannabis dispensary chains. Surterra is also one of only 22 Medical Marijuana operators in Florida. Few businesses can comply with the state's vertical integration laws, making Surterra a standout in the industry.

Saturday October 7, 2023, marks the grand re-opening of Surterra Wellness, where customers will enjoy exclusive deals including 50% off eligible products. This event showcases Surterra's commitment to providing high-quality cannabis products to its customers in Florida.

William “Beau” Wrigley Jr. envisioned building a weed empire that would one day rival his family's legendary chewing gum business. However, a state judge issued an Aug. 21 order for the dissolution of Goodblend Pennsylvania, once part of Beau Wrigley Jr.'s marijuana empire. This legal battle highlights the challenges faced by companies in the cannabis industry.

The new details in the ongoing legal battle with multistate cannabis landlord Innovative Industrial Properties Inc. have brought further scrutiny to the industry. Surterra Wellness remains focused on providing top-notch products and services to its customers despite these challenges.

SNDL, through its joint venture in SunStream Bancorp Inc., today announced the SunStream USA group of companies. This collaboration marks an exciting development in the cannabis industry and highlights the potential for growth and innovation in the market.

CNW/ - SunStream USA was formed today in anticipation of SunStream Bancorp Inc.'s signing of restructuring documentation. This restructuring signals a new chapter for the cannabis industry and sets the stage for further expansion and success for companies like Surterra Wellness.

Overall, Surterra Wellness continues to lead the way in providing high-quality cannabis products to customers in Florida. With a strong commitment to compliance and customer satisfaction, Surterra remains a top choice for those seeking Medical Marijuana treatment in the state.

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