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Verdes Cannabis: A New Chapter in Cannabis Culture

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Explore the revitalization of Verdes Cannabis in New Mexico's cannabis industry.

description: a vibrant and colorful storefront with a sign reading "verdes cannabis" in bold, inviting letters. the exterior of the building is adorned with green plants and a modern design, signaling a new era in cannabis culture.

A recognized name in New Mexico cannabis is set to breath new life into an iconic Albuquerque building. The namesake business closed down in 2020 after 34 years in business, with Skarsgard Farms owner Monte Skarsgard now owning the property. Verdes Foundation, one of New Mexico's largest medical cannabis companies, is set to open its first Santa Fe shop — a dispensary on downtown. Legacy cannabis producers and recently-licensed operators set up shop in Santa Fe.

Inspiration for the line came from relatives of customers who were looking for help with pain relief or trouble sleeping, but were afraid to. It's April 20 — the unofficial holiday for lighting up and celebrating cannabis culture — and Billboard Español curated the perfect playlist for the occasion. School children possessing last names beginning with letters near the alphabet's end will tell you life can sometimes be tough: They are the last ones.

A cannabis firm is one of 10 to receive funds from Job Training Incentive Program in January. New Mexico State Fairgoers can expect to see a brand-new educational exhibit at this year's event — a brand-new “Discovering Cannabis”. Verdes Cannabis is paving the way for a new chapter in cannabis culture with its expansion and innovative approach to the industry.

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