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The Ongoing Battle for Cannabis Rescheduling: What You Need to Know

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Stay informed on the latest developments in cannabis rescheduling efforts.

description: an anonymous image shows a group of individuals holding signs with slogans advocating for cannabis rescheduling. the group appears to be gathered outside a government building, demonstrating their support for changing the current scheduling of cannabis.

Nearly 150 social workers have signed on to a letter urging President Joe Biden to fully remove marijuana from the federal Controlled Substances Act. This call for action comes as more and more individuals and organizations push for the rescheduling of cannabis in the United States. The current scheduling of cannabis as a Schedule I drug severely limits research opportunities and hinders access to medical cannabis for patients in need.

Experts say the DEA's rescheduling of cannabis as a medication will be 'a little bit incoherent'. While the rescheduling of cannabis to a lower schedule would be a step in the right direction, many argue that it does not go far enough. Some believe that cannabis should be completely removed from the Controlled Substances Act in order to truly allow for its potential benefits to be realized.

These are all stocks that could be overdue for a rally if there's significant reform in the industry. As the push for cannabis rescheduling gains momentum, investors are keeping a close eye on the market. Companies in the cannabis industry could see a significant boost in stock prices if federal regulations are loosened and cannabis is rescheduled.

IRS confirms marijuana businesses can't claim federal tax deductions under 280E until rescheduling is finalized. The tax implications of cannabis rescheduling are a key concern for many businesses in the industry. Until cannabis is rescheduled at the federal level, marijuana businesses will continue to face challenges when it comes to claiming tax deductions for business expenses.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg says that moving cannabis to Schedule III of the federal Controlled Substances Act wouldn't... While some advocate for rescheduling cannabis to a lower schedule, others argue that it should be completely removed from the Controlled Substances Act. The debate over where cannabis should be scheduled continues to be a contentious issue in the United States.

A GOP-controlled congressional committee has unveiled a key spending bill that contains a provision to block marijuana rescheduling. Despite growing support for cannabis rescheduling, there are still lawmakers who oppose any changes to the current scheduling of cannabis. The political landscape surrounding cannabis rescheduling remains complex and divided.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is advising marijuana companies that they still cannot take federal tax deductions for business expenses... The uncertainty surrounding cannabis rescheduling has significant implications for marijuana businesses. Until federal regulations are clarified and cannabis is rescheduled, businesses in the industry will continue to face challenges when it comes to tax deductions.

Opponents of federal marijuana reform—and some legalization supporters—are requesting that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) hold... The debate over cannabis rescheduling has sparked strong opinions on both sides of the issue. While some believe that cannabis should remain tightly regulated, others argue that rescheduling is necessary in order to expand access to medical cannabis and allow for more research.

Leaders of a prohibitionist group spent close to an hour last week publicly complaining that the government's planned rescheduling of... The voices of prohibitionists continue to be heard in the ongoing debate over cannabis rescheduling. While many advocate for reform, there are still those who believe that cannabis should remain strictly regulated and controlled.

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