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The Growing Job Market in the Cannabis Industry

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Explore the expanding opportunities and economic impact of cannabis jobs.

description: an anonymous image of a job fair at a college campus, with various booths set up for different cannabis companies. job seekers are seen talking to recruiters and learning about different job opportunities in the cannabis industry.

The U.S. economy showcased robust job growth in June with 266,000 new jobs added, exceeding forecasts. Despite this positive indicator, one industry that has been consistently showing strong growth in recent years is the cannabis industry. With more states legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational use, the demand for cannabis-related jobs has been on the rise.

A new economic report on adult-use cannabis in Pennsylvania projects $2.1 billion in sales and more than 30,000 jobs created in Year One of legalization. This demonstrates the significant economic impact that the cannabis industry can have on a state's economy. As more states move towards legalization, job opportunities in the cannabis industry are expected to continue to grow.

The Cannabis Job Fair will be held at UCNJ Union College of Union County NJ's Elizabeth campus, located at 40 West Jersey Street in Elizabeth. This event will provide job seekers with the opportunity to connect with employers in the cannabis industry and learn about the various job opportunities available.

The legal cannabis industry added 22,952 new jobs in 2023, a 5.4% year-over-year increase that brings the total number of full-time equivalent positions to over 400,000. This growth is a testament to the increasing demand for cannabis products and services.

Maryland is looking to help people with a history of marijuana-related offenses to get jobs in the state's legal cannabis industry. This initiative aims to provide job opportunities to individuals who may have been negatively impacted by past marijuana laws.

Eastern Connecticut State University offers a Cannabis Cultivation and Chemistry minor, which teaches students how to analyze hemp. This program is designed to prepare students for careers in the cannabis industry, providing them with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this growing field.

StratCann's monthly round-up of cannabis job postings for July 2024 highlights the diverse range of job opportunities available in the cannabis industry. From Cultivation to retail, there are a variety of roles for job seekers to explore.

Michigan's cannabis industry added 11,341 jobs in 2023 to employ 46,746 full-time workers as of March 2024, according to Vangst and Whitney. This growth in employment further demonstrates the economic impact of the cannabis industry on a state's workforce.

The cannabis industry is a growing sector of the economy, responsible for 440,000 jobs in 2023, with an increased forecast in 2024. As more states legal cannabis and the industry continues to expand, job opportunities in the cannabis industry are expected to continue to grow.

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