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Cannabis Use Linked to Epigenetic Changes in the Human Body

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New study reveals the impact of cannabis on epigenetic modifications.

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Introduction: Using cannabis may cause changes in the human body's epigenome, a study of over 1,000 adults suggests. The epigenome functions like a set of chemical tags on DNA that can influence gene expression, without actually altering the DNA sequence itself. By studying changes in DNA methylation, the biological process by which methyl groups are added to DNA molecules, thereby altering gene activity, researchers have discovered a potential link between cannabis use and epigenetic modifications. -3 (Learn):

  • The study, conducted on a diverse group of over 1,000 adults, aimed to investigate the impact of cannabis use on the epigenome.

  • The researchers found that cannabis use, both recent and long-term, was associated with significant changes in DNA methylation patterns.

  • These epigenetic changes were observed in genes related to brain development, immune response, and cellular function. -6 (News):

  • Marijuana is a widely used psychoactive substance in the United States, and its medical and recreational legalization has risen over the past decade.

  • The findings of this study provide valuable insights into the potential effects of cannabis on the human epigenome.

  • OHSU researchers warn of potential impacts on brain development and long-term health related to prenatal cannabis exposure. -9 (Industry):

  • Northwestern Medicine conducted a study that links recent and long-term marijuana use to changes in the human epigenome.

  • This research is significant for the cannabis industry, as it highlights the need for further investigation into the potential health consequences of cannabis use.

  • Understanding the epigenetic effects of cannabis could lead to the development of safer cannabis products or targeted therapies. 0-12 (Learn):

  • The study conducted by Northwestern Medicine sheds light on the impact of marijuana use on the human epigenome.

  • Epigenetic modifications resulting from cannabis use could have long-lasting effects on gene expression and potential implications for overall health.

  • This research suggests that smoking weed for years may change parts of an individual's genetic code, which can even be passed down to future generations. 3-14 (Product Reviews):

  • The study findings have significant implications for individuals considering cannabis use, particularly those who may be planning to start a family.

  • Further research is needed to fully understand the long-term consequences of cannabis-induced epigenetic modifications.

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