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Former State Lawmaker Helps Minority Dispensary License Holders Open Stores

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Efforts to open more marijuana dispensaries across the US

description: a photo of a storefront with a green and white sign that reads "marijuana dispensary" with a line of people waiting outside. the store has large windows and is located on a busy street with other shops and businesses around it.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A former state lawmaker is spearheading an effort to help minority dispensary license holders finally open their stores. With the legalization of marijuana in many states, the demand for dispensaries has increased. However, not all license holders have been able to open their stores due to various reasons.

In Illinois, for example, the state legalized recreational marijuana in January 2020, but many minority-owned dispensaries have struggled to open due to financial and zoning issues. This is where the former state lawmaker comes in, working to provide financial and legal assistance to these license holders.

This effort is not unique to Illinois, as many other states are facing similar issues. New York City's second pot shop is scheduled to open next week, and there are already three legal dispensaries open across the state. However, shoppers at Cannabist Norfolk in Virginia must be 21 or older and need a licensed medical marijuana card that is verified through the state.

Meanwhile, in Grayville, Illinois, a recreational marijuana dispensary is set to open, making it the closest one to Evansville. And in Schenectady, New York, a marijuana shop is slated to start sales next month, becoming the first legal cannabis store in upstate New York.

Lower Manhattan will also get its third legal, adult-use cannabis dispensary on Monday, while other parts of the city are still waiting. This highlights the importance of efforts to help minority-owned dispensaries open, as access to legal marijuana should not be limited to certain areas or demographics.

Additionally, efforts are being made to make access to dispensaries easier for medical marijuana patients. In Columbus, Ohio, patients will soon be able to pick up prescriptions without leaving their cars, providing a more convenient and accessible option.

Overall, the opening of more dispensaries is a positive development for the legal marijuana industry, but it is important to ensure that all license holders have the support they need to open their stores. This will not only increase access to legal marijuana but also promote equity and diversity in the industry.

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