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Germany's Cabinet Approves Bill to Legalize Recreational Marijuana Use

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Germany's government approves bill to legalize recreational cannabis use.

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Germany's cabinet passed a contentious bill on Wednesday to legalize recreational marijuana use and cultivation, one of the most liberal moves in Europe regarding cannabis legislation. The government signed off on legislation that would allow adults to buy and possess small amounts of cannabis. Parliament still needs to approve the bill, but this decision marks a significant step towards the legalization of recreational marijuana in the country.

The German government approved a draft law on Wednesday legalizing the purchase and possess of cannabis for recreational use, following the example of several other countries that have already taken similar steps. The bill, if passed by parliament, would allow adults to buy and possess small amounts of cannabis for personal use. It also includes provisions for the cultivation of cannabis plants for personal consumption.

A draft bill that would legally allow people to use and grow cannabis is to be put before lawmakers for consideration. This move comes as a response to the growing public support for cannabis legalization in Germany. The bill aims to create a regulated market for cannabis, ensuring quality control and age restrictions for consumers.

Germany's Cabinet has approved a plan to liberalize rules on cannabis, setting the scene for the European Union's most populous nation to join the growing number of countries allowing recreational use of the drug. The plan includes strict regulations to prevent abuse and ensure public health and safety. If passed, Germany will become one of the few European countries to fully legalize recreational cannabis use.

Germany's cabinet has approved a plan for “controlled legalization” of cannabis in a compromise that has upset anti-drug campaigners. The plan aims to strike a balance between public health concerns and personal freedom, allowing adults to purchase and possess limited amounts of cannabis. The decision has sparked controversy, with critics arguing that it could lead to increased drug use and negative societal effects.

Germany's ruling coalition approved a scaled-back plan to decriminalize personal use of cannabis in a first step toward a potential broader legalization. The plan focuses on reducing criminal penalties for possess of small amounts of cannabis, aiming to shift the focus from punishment to harm reduction. This move has been praised by advocates who argue that criminalizing cannabis use is ineffective and disproportionately affects marginalized communities.

Germany's federal cabinet has approved a draft marijuana legalization bill, sending the first part of the government's cannabis reform plan to parliament for consideration. The bill seeks to regulate the production, sale, and use of cannabis, with a focus on public health and youth protection. If passed, Germany will join a growing number of countries that have embraced a regulated approach to cannabis.

The German government's approval, expected Wednesday, would legalize possess and use of cannabis for recreational purposes. The bill includes provisions for age restrictions and quality control to ensure consumer safety. If passed, Germany will become a significant player in the European cannabis market, potentially influencing other countries to reconsider their own cannabis policies.

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