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The Latest Science on Marijuana's Health Impacts: Good and Bad

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Marijuana's health impacts—good and bad—are coming into focus with science.

description: abstract poster mdp250 and abstract poster mdp249 from the american heart association scientific sessions 2023 showcasing the latest research on marijuana's health impacts.

As more people across the U.S. use marijuana for various reasons, including pain management, sleep issues, anxiety, muscle spasms, and more, the need for accurate information on its health effects has become increasingly important. Recent studies have shed light on both the positive and negative impacts of marijuana on overall health.

Here's where science currently stands on the use of marijuana for pain, sleep, anxiety, muscle spasms, and other ailments—the results may surprise you. While some studies have shown promising results in using marijuana as a natural remedy for certain conditions, others have highlighted potential risks associated with its use.

New legislation is helping scientists and manufacturers study the effects of cannabis and develop guidelines for its safe and responsible use. This has opened up opportunities for more research into the long-term health impacts of cannabis smoke exposure, dispelling myths about its safety.

Recent research from Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) has reinforced earlier findings that chronic cannabis use can reduce male fertility in animal models. This new information will help inform future studies on the reproductive effects of marijuana use.

A plain-language summary about cannabis, its usage, effects on the brain and overall health, and treatment options for misuse can provide valuable insights for individuals considering using marijuana for medicinal purposes.

A large Danish study has shown that up to 30 percent of psychosis diagnoses in young men could have been prevented if they had not used cannabis. This highlights the importance of understanding the potential risks associated with marijuana use, especially in vulnerable populations.

Many people turn to cannabis to manage chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, and mental health conditions. While research has identified both benefits and risks of using marijuana for these conditions, it is crucial for individuals to consider all available information before incorporating it into their treatment plans.

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