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Eastern Band of Cherokee Cannabis Dispensary Set to Open on 4/20

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Eastern Band of Cherokee's marijuana store opening sparks controversy and interest.

description: a vendor points to a selection of cannabis strains for sale during a 2018 event, showcasing the variety and quality of products available at the eastern band of cherokee's upcoming cannabis dispensary.

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is making headlines once again as they prepare to open their very own cannabis dispensary on April 20th, also known as 4/20. The Qualla Enterprises farm on the Qualla Boundary grows the cannabis that will be sold at the dispensary, marking a significant step forward for the tribe in the cannabis industry.

This move has not come without its fair share of controversy, however. The tribe has accused two U.S. senators of launching a "frontal attack" over the opening of their marijuana store. The implementation of medical marijuana in the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians has also sparked concern from some North Carolina Republican officials, showing the ongoing debate surrounding the legalization of cannabis in the region.

In response to these concerns, North Carolina Senators Thom Tillis and Ted Budd recently sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick B. Garland, expressing their opposition to the tribe's marijuana store. Despite these challenges, the Eastern Band of Cherokee is moving forward with their plans to open the dispensary on 4/20.

The region's lone legal medical marijuana provider has already established three successful stores in the area, with plans for a fourth store across from White Oak. This expansion reflects the growing demand for legal cannabis products in the Eastern Band of Cherokee community.

From local law enforcement to federal agencies, the opening of the cannabis dispensary has prompted a range of reactions and discussions. The tribe's decision to enter the marijuana industry has brought attention to the complex legal and social issues surrounding cannabis legalization in North Carolina.

In a separate development, a new legal weed shop is set to open soon on the Upper East Side of New York City. Bliss and Lex will open its doors in March, catering to a different demographic but reflecting the nationwide trend towards greater acceptance of cannabis.

With 34 cannabis shops but only one licensed on the Lower East Side, the demand for legal marijuana products is evident. Flame Zone, a popular smoke shop in the area, is just one example of the growing market for cannabis in urban settings.

Overall, the opening of the Eastern Band of Cherokee's cannabis dispensary signifies a significant step forward for the tribe in the cannabis industry. Despite challenges and controversy, the tribe's decision to enter the market reflects the changing attitudes towards marijuana legalization in both local and national contexts.

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