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Where to Find Cannabis Near Me Open Right Now in Connecticut

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Discover licensed recreational cannabis locations for adults 21+ in Connecticut.

description: an anonymous image of a storefront with a sign that reads "cannabis dispensary open now" with a group of people lined up outside waiting to enter.

Here are the locations licensed to sell recreational cannabis to adults 21 and over in Connecticut. It became legal to do so in 2021. Since BASIS is in Penn Quarter's commercial zone, the 300-foot setback does not apply. UND Necessities LLC or DC Smoke applied for a license. EASTLAKE, Ohio — After more than three months of recreational marijuana being legal in Ohio, it is now one step closer to being sold in. Experts say the stores, many of which gift or share marijuana, are proliferating because the Virginia General Assembly approved marijuana. The first New York State-licensed cannabis dispensary in the Utica-Rome area is already operating online and delivering its product. The Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission unanimously granted provisional licenses to four more companies to produce low-THC oil to. The city of Menominee... Cannabis entrepreneur Berner was at the grand opening of Cookies Fresno. The popular weed brand dispensary is on Blackstone and Shaw... Camden cannabis consumers can now legal grab a bag without even getting out of their cars. Organic Farms, the city's newest recreational...


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