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Maryland Cannabis Administration Allocates 174 Social Equity Licenses

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Maryland Cannabis Administration awards social equity licenses through lottery system.

description: an anonymous group of individuals eagerly awaiting the results of the maryland cannabis administration's social equity license lottery, gathered in a room filled with anticipation and excitement.

The Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA) recently wrapped up its first in the nation, social equity license lottery. The MCA allocated 174 social equity cannabis licenses via lottery from over 1700 submissions, with 1500 hopeful entrepreneurs eagerly awaiting the results. This groundbreaking initiative aims to foster social equity in the cannabis industry by providing opportunities for individuals from communities disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs.

Hundreds of hopeful entrepreneurs will learn on Thursday if they're one step closer to starting a cannabis business in Maryland, as the MCA conducts the lottery drawings for the social equity licenses. Just over 1,700 people applied for a cannabis license in Maryland's first round designed to promote social equity, a goal that lawmakers have championed in recent years.

In a surprising turn of events, another aspiring cannabis license applicant has filed a lawsuit against the Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA) and is seeking an injunction against the lottery results. The lawsuit alleges that the selection process was flawed and biased, raising concerns about transparency and fairness in the licensing process.

The Maryland Cannabis Administration will hold lottery drawings for its first round of social equity licenses Thursday, creating an air of anticipation among the applicants. Snow Hill, Maryland, recently hosted a discussion about cannabis dispensaries, signaling the growing interest in the industry as the town's moratorium on cannabis is set to end in June 2024.

With Maryland already showing signs of a billion-dollar cannabis market for 2024, the opportunity is not going unnoticed by those who want to capitalize on the industry's growth. The MCA's efforts to promote social equity in the cannabis sector are seen as a positive step towards addressing historical disparities and creating a more inclusive industry.

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