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Ho-Chunk Nation Votes to Decriminalize Cannabis on Tribal Lands

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Ho-Chunk Nation decriminalizes cannabis, sparking conversation about tribal marijuana laws.

description: an anonymous image of a tribal community gathering to discuss the decriminalization of cannabis on their lands. tribal members are engaged in a conversation, with posters and banners advocating for the legalization of marijuana in the background.

The Ho-Chunk Nation Attorney General William Gardner discusses the tribal legislature voting to decriminalize cannabis on its lands and how this decision will impact the community. The Ho-Chunk Nation will now allow the possession of cannabis on tribal lands without the fear of citations from Ho-Chunk police. This move is seen as a step towards more lenient marijuana laws within tribal communities.

Legislative sponsors anticipated a larger tribal role in the decriminalization of cannabis, but are currently waiting for the results of compact talks between Governor Walz and various tribes. This delay has caused some anxiety within the community as they await further guidance on how the new laws will be implemented and enforced.

In a separate incident, a White Earth tribal member who sold marijuana without a license has been charged with a felony for illegal cannabis possession. This serves as a reminder that despite the decriminalization efforts, there are still legal consequences for those who do not follow the proper protocols for selling and possessing cannabis on tribal lands.

Hundreds of customers flocked to Great Smoky Cannabis Co. on 4/20 for the launch of medical cannabis sales on tribal lands in North Carolina. This event marked a historic moment as marijuana became available for purchase in the state for the first time. The excitement surrounding this milestone demonstrates the growing acceptance and interest in cannabis within tribal communities.

Kristin White Eagle, a member of the Ho-Chunk Nation Tribal Legislature, believes that it is time for Wisconsin to follow suit and legal cannabis. She advocates for the benefits of decriminalization and hopes that other states will also consider similar measures to reduce the stigma surrounding marijuana use.

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI) recently announced plans to explore the legal of cannabis within their community. The EBCI controls the Qualla Boundary in western North Carolina and has expressed interest in potentially allowing the sale and possession of marijuana on tribal lands. This decision could have significant implications for the future of cannabis laws in the region.

Overall, the decriminalization of cannabis on tribal lands is a significant step towards changing the conversation around marijuana use within indigenous communities. By allowing for the legal possession and sale of cannabis, tribes are taking proactive measures to address the changing attitudes towards marijuana and provide new economic opportunities for their members.

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