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Cannabis Legal States Map: Where Weed is Legal in the US

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Explore the map of legal cannabis states in the US.

description: an anonymous map showing the legal status of cannabis in the united states, with different states color-coded to indicate whether marijuana is legal for recreational or medical use.

Maps show where weed and marijuana products are legal for recreational and medical use in the United States. Currently, there are 24 states in the U.S. that have legal the recreational use of marijuana, with more states expected to follow suit in the near future. In addition, cannabis is legal for medical purposes in 38 states and Washington, DC.

Five more states could follow in their footsteps of the 38 that have already approved the use of medical marijuana and 24 that permit recreational use. This means that 74% of Americans live in a state where marijuana is legal for either recreational or medical use. The trend towards legal is gaining momentum across the country.

Voters in Ohio voted to legal marijuana in November's election, adding to the growing list of states where cannabis is legal. The recreational use of marijuana will be legal in two dozen states next year, as more states continue to pass legislation in favor of legal.

In Washington state and Colorado, voters approved the use of medical marijuana more than 20 years ago, paving the way for other states to follow suit. This early adoption of medical marijuana set a precedent for the legal of cannabis in many other states.

More than half of Americans will soon reside in states where marijuana is legal, thanks to the growing number of states that have approved the use of cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes. The map of marijuana legal is expanding rapidly as more states recognize the benefits of legal cannabis.

The cannabis industry is booming in states where marijuana is legal, creating jobs and generating revenue for local economies. With the increasing acceptance of cannabis across the country, more states are expected to legal marijuana in the coming years.

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