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Minnesota Cannabis Legalization: What You Need to Know

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Learn about cannabis legalization in Minnesota and its limitations.

description: an image of a cannabis dispensary with a sign reading "now open for business" in front of a modern building with a green logo.

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Certain Minnesotans — like veterans and people convicted of cannabis possession before it became legal — can apply next for special permissions to start growing cannabis sooner than current law allows. A new method to give some social equity applicants permission to begin growing cannabis sooner than current law—this fall instead of next spring is being implemented.

(CORRECTION: Concerns raised by Rep. Nolan West were inaccurate in the original story). REFILED MAY 16, 2024: The cannabis regulation bill grew into law, allowing for the legal of recreational marijuana in Minnesota. The closest legal cannabis dispensary to the Twin Cities is opening for business Thursday on a reservation in Cass County.

Minnesota's legal of recreational marijuana went into effect Tuesday. The law allows people 21 and older to legal possess and grow marijuana. There are only two dispensaries in the state that sell marijuana flower. The Red Lake and White Earth nations opened shop shortly after Gov. Tim signed the bill.

More than 327,000 military veterans live in Minnesota, comprising about 6% of the state population. Starting this summer, they'll be able to access cannabis for medical purposes. Last summer, it became legal for adults to possess cannabis and grow cannabis plants for personal, recreational use.

Marijuana is legal in Minnesota, but that doesn't mean it is widely available in all its forms. At least not yet. Stay informed on the latest updates regarding cannabis legal in the state.

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