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Blazed Bakery: Chicago's Newest Cannabis Café Takes Over River North

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Discover the transformation of a former Rainforest Cafe into a cannabis café.

description: an inviting café space with cozy seating arrangements, a display case filled with colorful cannabis-infused pastries, and a chalkboard menu listing various edible options. the atmosphere is relaxed and modern, with soft lighting and green accents throughout the interior.

From Stoned Pizza in New York City to Moe Greens in San Francisco, these are the eight best cannabis cafés in the United States where you can enjoy a unique dining experience. Chicago has recently joined the list with the opening of Blazed Bakery in the River North neighborhood. The bakery opened on the ground floor of the apartment complex that replaced Mexican shop Pierre's Bakery, bringing a new kind of buzz to the area.

Landry's-owned Rainforest Cafe had leased the River North building since 1997 before shutting down in August 2020, just a few months into COVID-19 lockdowns. The closure left a prime location available for new ventures, and Blazed Bakery seized the opportunity to create a cannabis-friendly space for locals and tourists alike.

When the first cannabis dispensary, bar, and restaurant under one roof opened last February near Chicago, it was but a whiff of what was to come. The concept of combining cannabis consumption with a café atmosphere has been gaining popularity across the country, and Blazed Bakery aims to provide a comfortable and welcoming space for cannabis enthusiasts.

An error has occurred ... Your support makes it possible. ... A plan to transform the former Rainforest Cafe in River North into a pot dispensary faced legal challenges but ultimately prevailed. The former restaurant on one of the more well-traveled corners in the city will draw plenty of attention with its innovative approach to cannabis consumption.

Plans to open a marijuana dispensary in the old Rainforest Café restaurant on Clark Street in River North are now the subject of a lawsuit, highlighting the challenges faced by businesses operating in the cannabis industry. Blazed Bakery, however, has managed to navigate the legal landscape and establish itself as a reputable establishment in the community.

Blazed Bakery took over the former Galerie F space and is the neighborhood's second weed-infused bakery to open in less than a month. The café offers a variety of cannabis-infused treats, from pastries to beverages, creating a unique culinary experience for customers looking to explore the world of edibles.

A clouted cannabis partnership has dropped its controversial plan to open a store at the former Rainforest Cafe in downtown Chicago, paving the way for Blazed Bakery to step in and revitalize the space. With a focus on quality products and a welcoming atmosphere, the café has quickly become a favorite spot for cannabis connoisseurs in the area.

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