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California Assembly Passes Bill Allowing Cannabis Cafes in LA

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Assembly bill paves way for cannabis cafes in California cities.

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A bill that would allow Amsterdam-style cannabis cafes in California passed the state Assembly Monday afternoon on a 49-4 vote and is headed to the State Senate for further consideration. The bill, known as Assembly Bill 1775, has been met with both excitement and skepticism as it would create a new type of establishment where patrons can legally consume cannabis in a social setting.

After a temporary three-year closure due to the pandemic, West Hollywood's first cannabis consumption lounge, the Original Cannabis Cafe, has reopened its doors to the public. The cafe is one of a handful of marijuana consumption spaces opening in Los Angeles and plans to host comedy club nights, meditation spaces, and other events for cannabis enthusiasts.

Friends Wilhelmina Simone, Montana Alexander, and Leslie Jayy smoke a bong together at the newly reopened OG Cannabis Cafe. The first of its kind in West Hollywood, the cafe has become a popular spot for both locals and tourists looking for a unique and relaxing cannabis experience.

Assembly Bill 1775, which would allow dispensaries to serve food and nonalcoholic beverages, is headed to the State Senate for further review. If passed, the bill would give cannabis cafes in California the ability to operate more like traditional bars and restaurants, providing a new social space for cannabis users to gather and enjoy their favorite products.

Residents and travelers to California can already visit cannabis dispensaries to buy legal weed. But an Amsterdam-style café experience would provide a new option for those looking to consume cannabis in a social setting. With the potential for lounges like the Original Cannabis Cafe to become popular destinations, the bill has the potential to change the way cannabis is consumed in the state.

Despite Gov. Gavin Newsom's veto of the “Cannabis Cafe Bill,” West Hollywood lounge PleasureMed is reimagining the way users can experience cannabis in a social setting. The lounge offers a range of products and experiences for cannabis enthusiasts, from infused cocktails to yoga classes, making it a unique destination for those looking to enjoy cannabis in a new and innovative way.

Weedmaps Throws Epic 'Kushmas' Party at Los Angeles' Original Cannabis Cafe, bringing together cannabis connoisseurs for a holiday celebration. The event showcased the growing popularity of cannabis cafes in California and the potential for these establishments to become a new cultural phenomenon in the state.

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