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The Road to Federal Cannabis Legalization: Progress and Challenges

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Explore the latest developments in cannabis legalization across the United States.

description: a group of activists holding signs and marching in support of cannabis legalization, their faces obscured to protect their identities.

Nebraskan Crista Eggers is running up against a July 3 deadline. If she can get at least 87,000 names onto each of two petitions before then, she could potentially push for a statewide vote on cannabis legalization in her home state. This grassroots effort is just one example of the growing momentum behind the push for cannabis reform in the US.

Voters in Slovenia approved a pair of cannabis-related ballot measures over the weekend, signaling a shift in public attitudes towards marijuana. The approval of medical marijuana initiatives reflects a broader trend towards acceptance and legalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Fifty-five Ohio cities will ban recreational marijuana dispensaries despite state-wide legalization. This patchwork of local regulations highlights the complexities of cannabis legalization in a country where attitudes towards marijuana vary widely.

The White House has come out against a proposal to prevent military branches from testing for marijuana for enlistment or commission. This stance underscores the ongoing debate over the role of cannabis in society and its impact on various institutions.

Classifying marijuana as a schedule III drug would put it on par with Tylenol 3, marking a significant step towards federal legalization. This reclassification could pave the way for more widespread acceptance and access to cannabis for medical and recreational use.

On a recent Friday afternoon outside a cannabis shop in Farmingdale, the smell of marijuana drifted through the parking lot as a driver pulled up to make a purchase. This scene is becoming increasingly common as more states move towards legalizing cannabis for adult use.

Pamela Kimmell has an idea that is just so crazy, so out there whackadoodly-do — I'm talking Martians-tripping-on acid at a Grateful Dead concert level of crazy. Her unconventional approach to cannabis advocacy highlights the diverse tactics being employed to promote legalization and destigmatize marijuana use.

medical marijuana was made legal in Pennsylvania in 2016, but recreational sales still elude the commonwealth. Understanding the differences between medical and recreational cannabis laws is crucial for residents looking to access cannabis products legal.

Negotiators in New Hampshire's House and Senate have reportedly reached a compromise on a cannabis legalization bill. This agreement represents a step forward in the legislative process towards broader access to cannabis for residents of the Granite State.

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