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Smoke & Mirrors: Las Vegas' Premier Cannabis Cafe Opening Soon

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Experience legal marijuana consumption at Smoke & Mirrors in Vegas.

cannabis cafe las vegas

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Recreational marijuana was approved by Nevada voters in 2016, and now the first regulated Las Vegas cannabis consumption lounge is preparing to open its doors. Light up in Las Vegas (legally) at Smoke & Mirrors, which opens February 23. This exciting new establishment will offer patrons a unique and legal place to enjoy cannabis products in a social setting.

The NuWu Dispensary has been operating the only cannabis lounge in Las Vegas since 2019 but now operates the Sky High Lounge which features an upscale environment for guests to relax and socialize while consuming cannabis. With the recent approval of rules governing the operation of cannabis consumption lounges in Trenton, New Jersey, it appears that more lounges may be on the horizon in various locations.

Where to buy legal marijuana and Recreational cannabis edibles, joints, flower, vapes, and more for 4/20 will no longer be a question with the opening of Smoke & Mirrors. This new venue promises to offer a wide variety of cannabis products for patrons to enjoy while socializing with like-minded individuals. The space is designed to provide a comfortable and safe environment for cannabis consumption.

You finally have legal places to smoke marijuana in Las Vegas, a huge casino project, and a one-of-a-kind venue will open its doors soon. Planet 13's cannabis “superstore” on the Strip has 30,000 square feet of retail space alongside a cafe, a bar, and a marijuana consumption lounge. This innovative concept is sure to attract both locals and tourists looking for a unique cannabis experience.

Marijuana operators and consumers anticipating consumption lounges opening this summer in Las Vegas will probably have to wait a bit longer for the full experience. However, with the recent progress in regulations and the opening of Smoke & Mirrors, it seems that the wait will be well worth it. A conversation with Christopher LaPorte on what it took to get Smoke and Mirrors up and running and what he envisions for the space offers insight into the cannabis industry's growth in Las Vegas.

In conclusion, the opening of Smoke & Mirrors in Las Vegas represents a significant milestone for the cannabis industry in the city. With the increasing acceptance and legal of marijuana consumption, establishments like this provide a safe and enjoyable space for enthusiasts to gather and socialize. As more lounges open across the country, it is clear that cannabis cafes are becoming a popular trend in the industry.

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