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Marijuana Legalization on Campus: What Students Need to Know

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Exploring the impact of recreational marijuana legalization on college campuses.

if you grow cannabis in one of the dorms on campus, then that is now completely legal.

As state laws change and national usage rates increase, students question the status of marijuana on SRU's campus. The legalization in Massachusetts of recreational marijuana use, starting December 15, doesn't mean that every Terrier will now be able to grow cannabis in their dorm rooms. There are still rules and regulations in place, especially on college campuses where federal funding and regulations may come into play.

A study finds that increased cannabis use among students, including vaping, is common on college campuses. This raises concerns about the potential impact on academic performance, health, and overall campus culture. Gen X and Millennial parents are navigating a landscape very different from the one they grew up with — new products, more use, and changing attitudes towards marijuana.

I am from cannabis Colorado. I was 11 years old when voters — much to the chagrin of then-Governor John W. Hickenlooper (who has now...) — legalized recreational marijuana in 2012. The ruling overturns a 2012 law passed by the Legislature that barred cardholders from possessing and using marijuana on public college campuses. This has implications for students who have medical marijuana cards and are living in on-campus housing.

What's a medical marijuana card-holding college student to do when they are required to live in on-campus housing but their medicine is cannabis? This presents a unique challenge for both students and universities as they navigate the intersection of state and federal laws. By the 1960s, illicit drug use - especially marijuana and LSD - had proliferated on college campuses. Here, a recent college graduate reflects on the changing landscape of drug use and attitudes towards marijuana on campus.

Ten bullet points reminding students and staff that pot smoking on campus is verboten despite Massachusetts' legalization. It's important for students to understand the rules and regulations surrounding marijuana use on campus to avoid potential consequences. Education and awareness are key in ensuring a safe and respectful campus environment for all.

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